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RIDE 4 GABE 2016

noun  Du·chenne


Duchenne is one of the nine types of muscular dystrophy. It typically only affects boys (1 in 3600), with muscle deterioration symptoms showing at a very young age.

Like Gabe, kids with Duchenne eventually cannot ride bikes, run, jump, play, or climb. In the coming years, they cannot  even walk, nor ever hug their parents, and they also won't be able to breathe on their own.

Every dollar spent on Ride4Gabe 2014 returned multiple times the value in publicity through earned broadcast media alone.

We are making a difference! And with your help, we can make an even bigger impact.


The mission of Ride4Gabe is to pedal our bikes across America while creating awareness for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. We intend to demonstrate the rigors and fatigue Duchenne kids feel each and every day. Our cross-country treks (R4G & R4G 2.0) are aimed at shifting public policy gears for rare disorders and unmet medical needs.


Our goal is to raise awareness about Duchenne muscular dystrophy (#EndDuchenne) while calling for passage of the 21st Century Cures legistation now in Washington, DC.

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R4G 2014


11-year-old Gabe has Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), a progressive muscle wasting disorder.  Gabe's form of Duchenne is caused by missing information processors in a gene. Gabe is on the front line of the war on this rare pediatric genetic condition, and doctors and researchers have the tools to win the first battle and slow Gabe's enemy, Duchenne. The first DMD drug approval will spur future research and investment. Follow our journey today to learn how 21st Century medicine is already slowing Duchenne, and how real the chances are that muscle death caused by Duchenne may someday be reversed.

Cycling 9 states over 11 days and 2,200 miles, Ride4Gabe has one goal: #EndDuchenne

As we roll across America, we would like to connect with you. Whether you are a Duchenne family, healthcare or medical professional, an avid cyclist, local/state community representative, or all of the above, please  do go to our  CONNECT page and we'll see you on the road!

Team R4G invites YOU to get involved and help Ride4Gabe and the "Hope for Gabe Foundation."  Please use our  Volunteer Signup Form to engage with us. There you will find ideas and suggestions, and we'd also like to hear your comments. Together, there's a lot we all can do to #EndDuchenne, and every little bit helps kids like Gabe fight to defeat DMD.


Ride4Gabe (R4G) is a Duchenne muscular dystrophy awareness campaign, managed by the "Hope for Gabe Foundation" (H4G).


Hope for Gabe is an Alabama non-profit organization, created to help find a cure for DMD. H4G raises money to fund awareness, support research and advance clinical trials.


Donations to R4G will be given directly to the Hope for Gabe Foundation, so that they may reach their goals each and every day.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated, and tax-deductible –please see your tax advisor for more details.



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